REAL FORENSICS provides professional consulting, litigation support and financial analysis to both individuals and businesses, including law firms, financial institutions and accounting professionals in need of an investigative expert in financial matters to locate, decipher and document evidence - especially financial evidence.  Owner Mark Lessler is a retired IRS Special Agent (Criminal Investigator) and an FBI Sr. Investigator with over 39 years of experience in criminal and civil investigations involving frauds of all kinds, tax matters, money laundering, thefts, embezzlements, locating and documenting assets and many other financial crimes and disputes.  Mr. Lessler is a Certified Fraud Specialist (CFS) and a licensed Private Investigator and has a long history as a successful investigator in an array of frauds, criminal tax and money laundering cases involving a host of other crimes, and has testified in federal and state courts numerous times throughout his career.  

The financial investigative and litigation support services REAL FORENSICS provide are tailored to the unique needs of each client.  We consult with either plaintiffs or defendants as well as corporate officers and partners.  Our firm is committed to obtaining the best result possible for our clients and we understand how to assist lawyers, accountants and other professionals in preparing for and dealing with litigation issues of a criminal or civil nature of all kinds.

After retiring from the IRS, Mr. Lessler began consulting in the corporate world where he managed and investigated cases involving contract fraud, product theft, counterfeit products introduced into the distribution channels and service abuse for an American multinational technology conglomerate. Mr. Lessler also served as a mentor to lesser experienced investigators and managers for this multinational corporation. 

Mr. Lessler then began working law firms and individuals in 2008, to identify and document evidence for legal purposes.From 2010 through March 2016, Mr. Lessler worked as a Sr. Investigator for the FBI, Sacramento Division.on a variety of pending cases.he United States Attorneys Office for the Eastern Judicial District of California contracted Mr. Lessler on a variety of pending cases into 2018.

 Mr. Lessler  had a long and successful career as a Federal law enforcement officer broadened by further experience in the corporate/private sector environment and brings a wealth of experience and credibility in dealing with all criminal and civil litigation matters and providing testimony as a subject matter expert and following and tracing funds for you and your firm.   


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