What People Say:

 J. Nelson Thomas, Esq. (client)
693 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
tel: 585.272.0540   fax: 585.272.0574

Elisabeth Frater, Attorney, Napa, CA (client):

 "Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity" 

George Cramer, CFE, PCI, CPI, Manager - Global Investigations, Palm, Inc. (business partner):

 "Mark combined three great attributes in an investigator.  First, he was very professional - always responsive, thorough and stayed on task.  Second, he was excellent with witnesses.  He put each of our witnesses at ease and made them comfortable sharing their story in what could have been an uncomfortable and confrontational situation.  Third, he was very knowledgeable.  He knew the issues we needed to get at, but was always looking for ideas and clarification on how to get more specific information we needed.  A rare combination of intelligence and willingness to learn more to help his clients.  It was a pleasure working with him."

 “As an attorney with an active litigation practice, I need to rely on experts and investigators with the best credentials and who will deliver first rate results. I retained Mark to assist me with a financial crime defense. Not only did he bring his forensic accounting skills to the table, but also a common sense, and intuitive approach to the problem. I definitely recommend his work.”  

  “I have been an investigator for over 30 years, in both law enforcement and in private industry. Throughout most of that time, I have known Mark and been associated with him through a statewide professional investigator’s association known as the California Financial Crimes Investigator’s Association (CFCIA). Mark is a past Division and State President of that association of professionals and a financial investigator with years of experience in both the corporate and federal government environments. My experience with Mark is that he has always been an excellent resource to other investigators, whether in law enforcement or private industry. I am happy to recommend Mark and his company, Real Forensics, without any hesitation”  

Jerry Marsalli, Owner, Marsalli & Associates (colleague):

“I've known Mark for over 20yrs. First when he was an IRS Criminal Investigator and throughout the rest of his career. We worked together on joint Financial Crimes investigations and as members of the California Financial Crimes Investigators Association. Mark is a professional and diligent investigator with the highest ethical standards. He is a recognized expert in his field both in State and Federal court and is a well respected and sought after consultant in the area of financial crimes; such as money laundering, banking regulations, and tax law. He is an outstanding instructor and mentor to fellow fraud investigators.”